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Outdoor Advertising in Saurashtra Region of Gujarat

Saurashtra, also known as the Kathiyawar region, is the western peninsular consisting of 11 districts of Gujarat. It is a culturally rich territory which also turns out to be the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi.

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Saurashtra, also known as the Kathiyawar region, is the western peninsular consisting of 11 districts of Gujarat. It is a culturally rich territory which also turns out to be the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi. It is a region that swings from the hustle bustle of the city life to the simplicity of village life. It has diverse dynamics as it home to many sacred temples, architectural marvels, notable wildlife sanctuary, beaches, etc.

Even with so many advertising mediums coming up, the outdoor medium continues to play its role in the marketing mix. There are a lot of options for brands to feature on the outdoor environment to attain high visibility and gain popularity among the right audience in a short period of time. It is a very effective and efficient way of advertising as we can exactly plan out as to where to place the brand to grab the attention of the audience. The costing is also less compare to other mediums, therefore the risk involved in relatively less.

Options available for Outdoor advertising:

Hoardings: Hoardings display ads that are intrusive and do not require a viewer’s consent to convey the message across. It is a number one advertising platform placed along most highways and streets to give the brands a good reach and presence in the market. The creative can be placed in specific locations, depending on the audience the brand wants to target.

BQS: Here, the ads are placed above the bust stops and the viewers are mostly people who travel by bus and the passers- by. It is also very much useful in areas where there is prohibition of large format advertising mediums.

Gantry: this involves placement of advertisements on billboards spread across the breadth of a road, where the advertising option lies on both the sides of the structure. They are usually placed on the highways and expressways and are seen by travellers on the specific routes.

Pole Kiosk: These are structures that are made back to back on electrical poles in a row in the major cities, and are perfect for compact advertising. Since they are placed at short distances, there is repeated exposure of the same to the viewers.

Unipoles: It is a large format advertising type which is placed atop a very high single pole. It is basically a billboard with an outline structure and mounted on top of a single strengthen pole or column.

Traffic Booth: it is one of the most unconventional methods of outdoor advertising, where the creative is placed right on top of the traffic booths that are present around the prime locations of any city. They are put up on a cubical surface, where the creative can be visible on all the four sides of the cube.

LED Outdoor Display: This medium of Outdoor advertising is a relatively new trend of branding across India, it is more like a hoarding/billboard in terms of size, but instead of the regular print ads, the creatives are displayed on the LED screens. There is no requirement of the additional illumination since they are clearly visible in the dark.

Petrol Pump Hoarding: This is an upcoming option in the field of Outdoor advertising, and is gradually gaining popularity among various cities across India. this is one location which witnesses countless vehicles throughout the day and are present within the cities as well as on highways, thus they are a good space for the brands to build.

Utility Branding: As the name suggests, this type of advertising makes use of the public convenience facilities built on roads, markets and crossroads for the sole purpose of advertising. The most common way of Utility Branding in India is advertising across the walls of the Public Toilets.

Areas popular in Saurashtra for Outdoor Advertising:

Outdoor Advertising in Amreli

Unveiling History- Amreli is a must visit destination in Gujarat. It is one of the oldest places in the country, where a lot of settlements during the Industrial Civilization flourished for several years. The audience is not too forward, hence to advertise a brand through a traditional outdoor medium would be best, since the visuals would create a huge influence on the population.

OutdoorAdvertising in Dwarka

The Serene land of Temples, Dwarka is replete with grand temples, remarkable architecture and places of cultural essence. With outdoor medium being a valuable tool for any marketing mix, it can help increase the number of potential customers. The time and place of the advertisement depends a lot on the impact of it, hence boosting the brand recognition, making it more appealing and promoting the business.

OutdoorAdvertising in Bhavnagar

Vibrancy and culture, merged as one- Bhavnagar, is an important and famous center for diamond cutting and polishing in Gujarat and India. Advertising through outdoor mediums would be cost effective and up the brand’s game in the market and help build a loyal clientele through continuous exposure and attractive visuals.

OutdoorAdvertising in Jamnagar

The jewel of Kathiawar- Jamnagar is channelizing its way through urbanization. With being the pinnacle of Saurashtra, it focuses on engaging the viewers with interactive messaging and visuals. The outdoor mediums would help brands to make a huge impact on the market of the well-known ‘Oil City’.

OutdoorAdvertising inPorbandar

The Birthplace of Gandhi- Porbandar is a place of extreme historical, religious and cultural significance. It is a location that caters travellers with varied interests, hence letting a brand flourish by engaging people from all corners of the country, creating a big impact on the path of purchase.

Other Popular Locations for Outdoor Advertising in Saurashtra Region areJunagadh, Gir, Somnath, Botad, Surendranagar, to name a few.

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