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Hoarding Advertising

With the introduction of the various new advertising mediums like Digital advertising one might believe that the importance of the regular conventional mediums might have faded away and it has in a lot of cases.

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With the introduction of the various new advertising mediums like Digital advertising one might believe that the importance of the regular conventional mediums might have faded away and it has in a lot of cases but when it comes to hoardings, these are an outdoor advertising medium that continue to find their importance and relevance for many decades now. Hoardings are large sized boards that are placed at a height and are thus visible from a distance as well. It is an extremely effective promotional tool and is one among the most credible outdoor advertising formats. The traditional Hoarding Advertising continues to remain the number 1 medium for outdoor advertising for more than a few decades now. Hoardings are now available in most busy streets and locations that most brands wish to target. Hoarding are placed along highways and crowded streets giving them a good reach and street presence.

Reasons why Hoardings can be the ideal medium for your campaign

  • While judging an advertising medium’s impact one very important factor taken into consideration is its reach i.e. the number of people that it is able to communicate with. The higher the reach the higher would be the brand’s awareness in the market. Hoarding are set up strategically planned locations which have mass crowds of people passing by thus giving the ads great reach and awareness among the audience.
  • Since people spend a large part of their traveling, these ads tend to get seen by people whenever they are moving from one place to another and thus this is one medium that brands mustn’t miss out.
  • When it comes to out of home advertising, it is very important for these mediums to stand out and grab audience attention since there are too many distractions available in the external environment. With their large size and creative designs hoarding can easily capture public eye making them extremely impactful.
  • With TV, radio and most other mediums there is big possibility that the audience might skip, ignore of tune out of the ads as they are seen as interruptions but hoarding ads cannot be skipped or ignored easily. They are easily able to catch the audience’s eye.
  • When it comes to measuring the impact that an ad creates on the intended audience, recall rate is considered to be one of the very important factors. In order to ensure a high recall rate, the target audience must be exposed to the ad repeatedly at short intervals. People traveling by the same route come across the same hoardings frequently leading to repeated exposure and thus ensuring a better recall.
  • Visibility is also a key factor when it comes to effective advertising. Ads that are easily seen have greater reach and thus lead to better results. While most other mediums require the audience to be close to the them in order for the ad to be seen, Hoardings are one such medium that get seen even from a large distance because of their huge size
  • Targeting is an extremely important aspect when it comes to marketing. Wrong targeting can not only increase the cost of the campaign by having it seen by the wrong group of people but also make it ineffective as the actual target audience might not get to see the ad. Hoarding ads can be target geographically very effectively by placing them in the areas and routes that the brand wishes to target.
  • Investing in the newer and the more unconventional mediums is a risk that not most brands can afford. But when it comes to Hoardings, these are the oldest advertising medium that man has known. With their long history and proven impact hoardings continue to be one of the most trusted mediums for advertising.
  • Ads on Hoarding are rather intrusive, they do not require the explicit consent of the audience in order to communicate the brand’s message to them.Newspaper, Television or Magazines must be picked up and opened before they are read. Radio Stations must be selected before the ad jingles are heard. But when it comes to mediums like Hoardings these get seen even when the viewer doesn’t intend to view them.
  • There are multiple options available for the advertiser to choose from when it comes hoardings. They can go for either the illuminated hoarding ads if they wish to have 24x7 visibility or they can choose the non-lit hoardings if they wish to advertise only during the day. The advertisers can further choose between front lit and back lit hoarding illumination according to their needs and budget constraints.
  • Since people passing by these ads can belong to all classes of people these ads can effectively target both upper and lower segments of the society. With the correct placement of hoardings in the right areas would allow brands to reach out to their targeted demographic easily.
  • Unlike other mediums like Television, Radio, newspapers, magazines etc. these ads do not require the audience to consciously access the platform for a good amount of time before they see the ad. The audience sees thee ads as soon as they step out of the house.
  • In the past few years there has been a lot of advancement when it comes to hoarding ads. At present there is tremendous scope for creativity on hoardings. These can be made 3 dimensional, popping out of the display or with rotating parts or with cut outs protruding from the top. These innovations further expand the attention span of the audience on these ads.
  • While keeping into account all the factors mentioned above, there is another major concern for advertisers when it comes to selecting the right medium which is of affordability and cost effectiveness. And Hoarding ads tick both the boxes. With the large number of people that view these ads, the cost per reach is significantly low for the advertisers. Besides, it is known to have one of the highest ROIs amongst all the mediums making them extremely cost effective. And unlike television and radio ads where the advertiser has to pay extra for the ad to be seen during prime time slots, hoarding ads are seen throughout the day even during the peak hours when the traffic is the highest with no extra charge.

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