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Advertising on Cabs

Over the past few years the advancements in the advertising and promotional strategies all over the world has sped up rapidly and in order to catch up with these fast-paced developments brands have quite literally ‘accelerated’ themselves.

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Over the past few years the advancements in the advertising and promotional strategies all over the world has sped up rapidly and in order to catch up with these fast-paced developments brands have quite literally ‘accelerated’ themselves. Yes, we’re talking about Cab-Branding- the latest fad in the advertising business. The rapidly increasing popularity of cab networks like OLA and UBER has led to the inclusion of this truly revolutionary advertising medium in the vast catalogue of transit advertising mediums.

Going for Cab-branding over the other traditional mediums like radio, newspaper, tv and static OOH mediums has a multitude of advantages for advertisers looking to enhance their brand’s image, some of which are listed below-

  • Go where your audience goes- Cabs are demand driven and are thus follow everywhere there is demand. Since crowds aren’t consistent to any particular location all the time and are present at different locations at different times during the day, investing in static outdoor media would only give brands high reach during particular times of the day. But with cab-networks like Ola and Uber, the system allows the driver to know where the requirement is present thus allowing them to go wherever the viewer is present. Besides this even with the local cabs that aren’t part of any network, the drivers have great sense of judgement to understand where large crowds might gather at a particular point during the day, thus giving brand great reach all across the day.
  • Eye Level Visibility- Ads on cab unlike most OOH mediums have eye-level visibility that is they’re present within the average viewers’ line of sight or at least closer to it than the hoardings and billboards that are propped at great height, thus it is fairly difficult to miss out on these.
  • All Time Availability- When it comes to the static outdoor advertising mediums that are present at prime locations and crowded areas of the city there is very high demand and thus less availability of these mediums if not bought well in advance of the campaign period. But since cabs are present in large numbers and are mobile, advertisers can promote their brands in all prime and crowded locations without waiting for months before the ad space is made available to them.
  • Economical- This is one very important concern for most brands since not all of them can afford to have massive campaign budgets. Cab Branding has extremely high reach and can cover a large geographical area at a considerably lower cost. Besides this, since cabs are available in abundance, so advertisers do not have to pay anything extra to advertise in areas that have high demand for ad space amongst brands.
  • Multiple Options to choose from- The concept of cab branding has really broadened over time to offer advertiser with innumerable possibilities to promote their brand. They can go for door, full cab and seat back ads or even roof top ads in certain cities. These different options have different benefits for brands for e.g. the external cab advertising options give the brands a very high reach and the internal cab ads help brands in getting a longer exposure period and captive audience.
  • Penetrate into every nook and corner of the city- Unlike buses and trains, do not follow a fixed path, they travel through the main roads as well as the narrow lanes of the cities where most mediums are unable to reach and thus advertising through this medium can help your brand reach every nook and cranny of the cities where other brands might not be able to reach.
  • Extended Visibility Period- Cabs have high demand even at odd timings especially in the metro cities where a large number of people travel even late at nights and thus advertising on cabs gives brands an extended period of visibility unlike the other mediums where the ad has visibility only at particular timings during the day.
  • Reach everywhere-One major advantage of Cab Branding is that it helps your brand reach everywhere and every type of audience. These ads can reach all type of popular malls, savvy hotels, crowded markets and even the narrow lanes of cities. Thus, advertisers do not need to invest in different mediums to be able to target different locations
  • Uniqueness- Uniqueness is an extremely important characteristic that can create a massive positive impact on any campaign. Ads on cabs can be very catchy with their unique and colourful illustrations that can easily grab everyone’s attention. Besides the creative, the medium that is the cab in self plays a very important part in grabbing the viewer’s attention. Any cab displaying a colourful advertisement is able to stand out in a traffic without much effort.
  • Extended Exposure- While traffic might be a headache for most, it can actually prove to be extremely lucrative for brands that advertisers making use of cab branding. The increased wait time allows the passers by to view the ad for a longer period of time leading to better retention.
  • High Reach-Cabs travel huge distances throughout the day, covering cities most crowded areas and thus ads on cabs get seen by a very large number of people spread over a massive geographical area.
  • Intrusive- Advertisements on cabs are extremely intrusive, they do not require the explicit consent or involvement of the viewer in order for them to be seen. They catch the attention of the audience whenever they pass by these cabs and thus, they have less probability of getting missed or ignored.
  • Captive Audience (Internal Cab Branding)- Even with the large number of advantages that a medium offers to advertisers there is still a possibility of for their ads to get missed or forgotten as audience today has the lowest attention span and are at the same time surrounded by so many ads that could prove to a distraction from your advertisement. In such a situation, cabs also offer advertisers with the alternative to have a captive audience through the internal can branding options that it provides.

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