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In the past few years, Auto Rickshaw Branding has seen a significant increase in its prominence across India.

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In the past few years, Auto Rickshaw Branding has seen a significant increase in its prominence across India. Auto Rickshaws are widely spread across most tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 cities of the country and their ability of being localised remains unmatched by most of the other transit mediums as autos can not only move around on the main roads and highways but also into the narrow lanes in every nook and cranny of the cities,where most other transit mediums may not be able to reach.

Why go for Auto Advertising?

There can be a various reasons listed as to why Auto Branding can be the perfect choice for your brand.

  • Exposure- One very significant benefit of Auto Branding is its wide visibility and greater reach in comparison to various other mediums. Autos are able to reach every corner of the cities unlike buses and trains. On an average, per day an Auto Rickshaw travels more than 100 kms, making approximately 18+ trips in a day. Thus, it can give a very widespread exposure to the brand. Unlike, trains and buses it doesn’t travel along the same fixed path and instead goes into different areas every day thereby providing an even greater visibility to the brand.
  • Feasible- Moreover, Auto Rickshaw Advertising has proved to be one of the most feasible mediums having quite a high return on investment. It is one of the best ways to promote your brand throughout the city without creating a hole in your pocket.
  • High Reach-Auto Rickshaws run throughout the day on roads and advertisements on autos are seen by all whether it is the pedestrians walking on roads, bikers or people in the automobiles passing by. It is a relatively newer and more innovative advertising mediums thus it is able to capture attention easily.
  • Ready Availability- Beyond this another very important benefit of Auto advertising is the ready availability. At present there are close to 3.5 lakh auto rickshaws in Mumbai and 1.6 lakh autos in Ahmedabad thus there is no shortage of ad space when it comes to Auto Branding which means your campaigns can be executed without any delay.
  • Can’t be skipped- One might be able to ignore or skip online ads and TV commercials but Auto Rickshaw advertising does get their attention. Besides this, most people travel on a regular basis thus the brand might also get the benefit of repeated exposure leading to better recall.
  • Cost effective-Transit advertising covers a larger audience at the same time therefore the average cost per customer is significantly low in respect to the impact that it creates. Other than this, since it covers multiple locations, the brand does not need to incur a separate cost for advertising in different locations.
  • Eye Level Visibility- Ads on Auto Rickshaws unlike most OOH mediums have eye-level visibility that is they’re present within the average viewers’ line of sight or at least closer to it than the hoardings and billboards that are propped at great height, thus it is fairly difficult to miss out on these.
  • Multiple options to choose from- Auto Branding has multiple options from which advertisers can choose from according to their requirements and budget constraints. Primarily there are internal and external auto rickshaw branding options. Internal branding has the advantage of longer exposure period while external has the advantage of high reach. Besides this, external auto branding further is divided into- auto back branding and auto hood branding.
  • Target any type of audience- Unlike most mediums that target only specific segments of society, Auto branding is one such medium that can reach anyone and everyone. People from all sections of society view these ads when they are traveling out.
  • Extended Exposure- Most Indian cities today suffer from high traffic. But high traffic can be extremely beneficial for advertisers that use auto branding for their campaign. Due to high traffic, the wait time at signals increases where in people are able to stop and view these ads for a longer period of time.

Types of Auto Branding

When it comes to Auto Branding advertisers can choose from the following options according to their budget and their requirements-

  • Auto Hood Ads- In this, the ad covers the entire hood of the auto. Though it is relatively costlier than the other two options but it does have a greater impact than the others.
  • Auto Back Ads- These are stickers that are placed on the backs of the autos. They are smaller in size and thereby cheaper than auto hood ads.
  • Inside Auto- These are ads placed inside the auto, they have a smaller viewership as the only target the travellers, but they have a better recall rate than auto back ads as the travellers are exposed to the ad throughout the ride.

Why hire Excellent Publicity for Auto Advertising Campaign?

“The name says it all”

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