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Bus Queue Shelter Advertising Rates

Bus Queue Shelter ads are the advertisements propped above the sheltered waiting area at the various Bus Stops all across the city Bus Queue Shelters are an outstanding advertising medium for all metropolitan towns and wealthy neighbourhoods.

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Bus Queue Shelter ads are the advertisements propped above the sheltered waiting area at the various Bus Stops all across the city Bus Queue Shelters are an outstanding advertising medium for all metropolitan towns and wealthy neighbourhoods. These ads are put up on top of bus stops are seen by travellers waiting at bus stops and passers-by. They have high impact and visibility and are also available in areas where most other large format advertising mediums might be prohibited. Since people spend a major part of their day traveling from one place to another, these ads have a high viewership and advertising through this medium can be extremely lucrative. Determining the cost for advertising through mediums like BQS can get complicated but in order to simplify it we have listed down the major criteria on the basis of which advertisers can determine the budget of their BQS ad campaign.

  • City- City is a very important factor for determining the rates for BQS ads. Different cities differ in terms of their population size, standard of living, demand, cost of labour, general price range etc. so the price of this medium also differs accordingly. Generally, the Tier 1 cities have the highest rates due to massive demand for these medium. Besides since these metro cities have a high population and traffic, BQS ads here create a much wider impact than in the cities hosting relatively smaller population.
  • Bus Stops selected- Bus Stops in certain in densely populated areas of the cities experience high footfall and are surrounded by high traffic owing to which, ads in these areas have higher demand as they provide advertisers with massive reach. Due to the difference in demand the prices of BQS ads might differ from one bus stop to another.
  • Quantity- Quantity is an important determinant for the price of BQS advertising. While advertisers have the option of choosing as many and as few Bus Shelters as they want, it is advisable to go for a considerable number at a time as it would not only give the brand the benefit of wider reach, visibility and repeated exposure but also give the advertiser better bargaining power and thus lower cost per medium.
  • Duration- Duration is another important factor that influence the rates for BQS ads, while these are usually available for a minimum time period of one month but the advertiser does have the option to rent the BQS for a longer duration. Buying ad space for longer duration would reduce the average cost per month. Besides the advertiser doesn’t need to pay anything for printing and mounting of the ad every month.
  • Illumination- Illumination is also an important factor that cannot be ignored while investing in this medium. Illumination not only has impact on the cost of the campaign but also the overall impact and brand visibility. The backlit pole BQS have internal illumination and have visibility even at night time. Because of this, they are slightly more expensive but the overall impact and the result makes it worth it. Besides this, there are non-illuminated options also available known as non-lit ads, these ads relatively cheaper compared to backlit ones but they only have day visibility.
  • Agency- Agency or the vendor you select for the execution of your campaign also creates a vast difference in cost. But cost shouldn’t be sole criterion when selecting the agency as the execution and the effectiveness of the agency also plays a key role. It is advisable not to buy services directly from the ad space owners and instead go through with a reputed and trusted agency as they not only have greater bargaining power but also ensure smooth and hassle-free execution.

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