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Outdoor Advertising in North Region of Gujarat

Having in store the Administrative Capital of Gujarat, North Region of Gujarat is also the hub of the dairy products. With a mixed terrain and culture, this land stretches from villages to cities.

Outdoor Advertising

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Having in store the Administrative Capital of Gujarat, North Region of Gujarat is also the hub of the dairy products. With a mixed terrain and culture, this land stretches from villages to cities. Every area has a different story, with numerous sacred sites, textile museums, historical sites, architectural facets; this region is rich with a mix of traditions and customs. There are many districts that make up for this versatile land and make it a tourist friendly destination.

To grab attention of the viewers in a small span of time, outdoor medium plays the most important role by adding colorful and attractive graphics. This is one medium which cannot be skipped like radio or television. Because of its presence in the outdoor areas, it is bound to being part of the environment, hence targeting the right audience. The viewers can be targeted depending on the use of the product, therefore helping the brand to be showcased strategically only in the areas where the target market prevails. With being effective in the costing, this medium surely is a catch with being less risky in terms of investment for results.

Options available for Outdoor advertising:

Hoardings: Hoardings display ads that are intrusive and do not require a viewer’s consent to convey the message across. It is a number one advertising platform placed along most highways and streets to give the brands a good reach and presence in the market. The creative can be placed in specific locations, depending on the audience the brand wants to target.

BQS: Here, the ads are placed above the bust stops and the viewers are mostly people who travel by bus and the passers- by. It is also very much useful in areas where there is prohibition of large format advertising mediums.

Gantry: this involves placement of advertisements on billboards spread across the breadth of a road, where the advertising option lies on both the sides of the structure. They are usually placed on the highways and expressways and are seen by travellers on the specific routes.

Pole Kiosk: These are structures that are made back to back on electrical poles in a row in the major cities, and are perfect for compact advertising. Since they are placed at short distances, there is repeated exposure of the same to the viewers.

Unipoles: It is a large format advertising type which is placed atop a very high single pole. It is basically a billboard with an outline structure and mounted on top of a single strengthen pole or column.

Traffic Booth: it is one of the most unconventional methods of outdoor advertising, where the creative is placed right on top of the traffic booths that are present around the prime locations of any city. They are put up on a cubical surface, where the creative can be visible on all the four sides of the cube.

LED Outdoor Display: This medium of Outdoor advertising is a relatively new trend of branding across India, it is more like a hoarding/billboard in terms of size, but instead of the regular print ads, the creatives are displayed on the LED screens. There is no requirement of the additional illumination since they are clearly visible in the dark.

Petrol Pump Hoarding: This is an upcoming option in the field of Outdoor advertising, and is gradually gaining popularity among various cities across India. this is one location which witnesses countless vehicles throughout the day and are present within the cities as well as on highways, thus they are a good space for the brands to build.

Utility Branding: As the name suggests, this type of advertising makes use of the public convenience facilities built on roads, markets and crossroads for the sole purpose of advertising. The most common way of Utility Branding in India is advertising across the walls of the Public Toilets.

Areas Popularin North Gujarat for Outdoor Advertising:

Outdoor Advertising in Patan

Weaving Stories through Textile- Patan, the former capital of Gujarat, is famous for its Patolasarees, hand woven textile, tie and dye exquisite fabrics and much more. Advertising through Outdoor Media is a specialized niche, which is quite effective and useful for brand promotion. It helps to drag the attention of the people, hence making it convenient and low cost for the company.

Outdoor Advertising inMehsana

A town with architectural Marvels- Mehsana, is a must visit place for architectural enthusiasts and is also an important pilgrimage destination for the Jains. It is well connected to the other cities of the state and has quite many attractions for the tourist.

With revamped and refurbished marketing of the product through Outdoor Mediums, the customers will be attracted by impactful use of creativity and technology.

Other Popular Locations for Outdoor Advertising in North Gujarat are: Aravalli, Gnadhinagar, Banaskantha, Sabarkantha, to name a few.

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