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Advertising Agency in Kannur

Kannur is a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala. Though Kannur might lag behind in terms of infrastructure and standard of living.


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Kannur is a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala. Though Kannur might lag behind in terms of infrastructure and standard of living, it does present various untapped opportunities for the brands which could help them succeed. Because of the fact that Kannur remains untouched by most brands, there is lot less competition in these markets and thus targeting this area could be extremely effective and profitable. With all big and small brands targeting the metro cities it has led to the total exploitation of markets in the top two tiers and finding new opportunities and markets has become next to impossible. And thus, in such a scenario a city like Kannur can act like an entirely new and untapped opportunity thus, advertising in such areas can give brands the first mover advantage.

Since people in Kannur might not be acquainted with the new products launched in the markets, it is important to interact with them in a more comprehensive manner to increase Product Knowledge and Brand Awareness among them. But for this to happen, brands also need to actively invest well in their marketing activities in terms of both cash and efforts. But while making such an investment it is necessary to evaluate all the options that are available in the markets in terms of the advertising service providers that are offer their services in the city of Kannur and then selecting the ones that can fulfil the requirements of the brand perfectly.

One such marketing firm offering its services in Kannur is Excellent Publicity that performs well in all respects whether it is theirclientele, their years of experience in media buying, media planning and execution or the rates that they offer to their clients.Together with other offices established in Mumbai, Pune and Surat and Vadodara, through their office in Ahmedabad, they have managed to develop a pan-India network composed of some of the most notable media companies that enable them to give their customers the most effective ad and attractive ad slots. Their creative efficient media buying strategy enables them to deliver at the lowest feasible prices the finest and most efficient of the ad places in Kannur City and elsewhere.

Team Excellent is a skilled, passionate and well-experienced group of individuals who provide their customers with dedicated and targeted support and work for the purpose of offering high-quality facilities. We take the complete responsibility from planning to the final execution of the campaign so that you can rest assured that your ad campaigns are smoothly executed without any hassle. 

Our client centric approach gives advertisers the freedom and flexibility that they require to build their brand in a way they wish while assuring them complete convenience throughout the campaign period. Our work speaks for itself when you see our clientele consisting of some of the most reputed brands of the world and India including Google, Swiggy, Indigo Airlines and various others. Besides this we have worked with brands of all types and sizes to provide them with advertising services that has the best reach with their target audience. Our campaigns not only have helped brands increase their sales in the short run but have also done wonders for their long-term brand image. With our flawless execution and dedicated efforts, we have never given our clients a reason to complain.

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